Shipping and Returns

Domestic shipping

DEADSEVENTIES orders ship items to all over Indonesia . we are using:

Logistic Platinium -

to use other courier you can contact our customer service or include a note at the time of order , we ensure safe delivery of your items and our customer service will always help you by providing information on the delivery status of your message by email .

    Delivery schedule : Every weekday 16:00 Hours

      Incoming orders above 16.00 will be sent tomorrow today

Shipping is done within 2 to 6 working days . When you make a bank transfer payment method , delivery can only be processed if you have done the booking confirmation.


IMPORTANT : Please note that the weight stated on the product page is the weight of the product . The shipping cost is not only determined from the weight of the product , but is also determined by the dimensions of packaging based on criteria established by courier . For some purposes the price of courier delivery may differ , the price used is the price listed on our website .

If there is a complaint regarding the shipping and delivery price please contact us at

SMS / WA 081910220225 | | BBM 2B2FD38

International shipping

For now we are still seeking to increase International delivery courier service , but you can contact us by

SMS / WA 081910220225 | | BBM 2B2FD38

if you want to do International shipping . The shipping price will be adjusted by the courier you choose .


If within 7 days of receipt of damaged product , you can return it and we will refund your money or give you store credit * . Items must be in unused state and seal the packaging is not damaged .

You can do the return of goods through the Contact Us Form and follow the instructions for further processing .

Click below to make the process of recovering the goods .

Contact Us Subject Heading To : Return or Payment Confirmation

1 . To return the defective product , we will refund the money via bank transfer or provide a store credit if the item is defective * verified because of the workmanship of the product. Customers can choose one of them as compensation returns . Option returns

     - Refund or

     - Provision of store credit

2 . For defective product returns or refunds are not on their own initiative , we will only offer store credit * to the customer and the customer can use to purchase any item at any price .

* Store credit is a mechanism to recover the goods in which you are getting the same kind of voucher that is worth the price of goods refund amount you pay . You can use the store credit to purchase any item . If the price of your purchase exceeds the value of store credit , you can pay the price difference to the payment method bank transfer or pay on the spot . Refunds can not be made ​​if the price of the merchandise you buy is lower than the store credit you have. Store credit is a unique code that can only be used for one -time purchase and is only valid for 1 ( one ) year .